What information needs to be included on a label for usable marijuana products such as edibles, waxes, concentrates or other prepackaged products?

A dispensary shall not dispense marijuana that does not bear the required label as follows:

  • The serial number, as assigned by the dispensary facility;
  • The date of dispensing the marijuana;
  • The quantity of marijuana dispensed;
  • The name and registration certificate number of the qualifying patient and, where applicable, the primary caregiver;
  • The name of the certifying physician;
  • Such directions for use as may be included in the physician’s written certification or otherwise provided by the physician;
  • Name of the dispensary;
  • Name and address of the dispensary facility;
  • Any cautionary statement as may be required by Connecticut state statute or regulation; and
  • A prominently printed expiration date based on the producer’s recommended conditions of use and storage that can be read and understood by the ordinary individual.
  • The expiration date required by this section shall be no later than the expiration date determined by the producer.
  • No person except a dispensary, or a dispensary technician operating under the direct supervision of a dispensary, shall alter, deface, or remove any label so affixed.