How are transfers of usable marijuana or immature plants made to a dispensary? Where does the medicine in dispensaries come from?

A producer shall only transport marijuana products according to these regulations:

  • Products must be in a locked, safe, and secure storage compartment that is part of the vehicle transporting the marijuana.
  • Products must be in a storage compartment that is not visible from outside the vehicle.
  • A production facility employee, when transporting marijuana, shall travel directly from the producer facility to the dispensary facility and shall not make any stops in between, except to other dispensary facilities.
  • A producer shall ensure that all delivery times and routes are randomized.
  • A producer shall staff all transport vehicles with a minimum of two employees.
  • A delivery team member shall have access to a secure form of communication with employees at the production facility at all times that the vehicle contains marijuana.
  • A delivery team member shall possess a department-issued identification card at all times when transporting or delivering marijuana and shall produce it to the commissioner, the commissioner’s authorized representative, or law enforcement official upon request.